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Web Application Firewall Services

Web Applications are prime attack targets for cyber criminals. They utilize particular techniques and methods to bypass the standard network based security technologies. It is essential for organizations and businesses to have application layer protection in place to protect their Web Applications. The Web Servers and the applications that run on them have direct access to other servers, such as Database Servers, and thus need be secured.

We help assist with the configuration and implementation of your Web Application Firewall (WAF) appliance(s). We help ensure your application(s) are continuously tuned to provide continued maximum protection.

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VPN Configuration Reviews

As the world continues to be more mobile, there is a need for employee's to have access to company resources while maintaining privacy and security while connected. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides confidentiality, sender authentication, and message integrity through tunneling protocols and procedures such as encryption.

We help assist with client (client to site) or network (site to site) configurations. This is done utilizing existing technology, such as IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) or SSL VPNs.

Even though your VPN configuration is currently functioning, we can help assist with reviewing your vpn configuration to ensure it is properly configured and secured, ensuring the necessary access is only allowed specifically for those that need it.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerabilities can exist in multiple systems and applications. These can be open doors for attackers to exploit your environment and gain unauthorized access to your systems and applications. With all the applications running on your systems, relying on the software manufacturer to provide endless updates to secure the application is just not enough.

We can help by providing an automated process to identify vulnerabilities by running an assessment on the hosts on your network. The results of these scans can provide a road map to not only identify the vulnerability but an action plan on how to best approach in remediating them.

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Firewall Security Reviews

The network perimeter security is the first line of defense in providing overall protection for your environment. A network layer Firewall is an appliance that is required in many networks. Although many networks have these appliances applied, they are often times misconfigured. This could be due to misconfigurations or even improper deployment implementation.

We can help by reviewing your Firewall configuration and ensuring the rules, segmentation, and policies are configured to meet our clients security needs.

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Social Engineering Services (Phishing Attacks)

The human element continues to be the most overlooked attack vector. Humans are one of the easiest vulnerabilities to exploit, it will continue to be an effective way to compromise an organazation. Phishing attacks rank among the most successful tactics.

We can help by working with your organazation to set up an email phishing attack to lure employees into opening emails, clicking on links and providing information that would be considered sensitive and confidential to the com usa safe online casinos

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