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There are mixed emotions around certifications and the true value that they possess. Certifications provide a way to learn a skill or skill set regarding the technology pursued and be able to certify themselves as proficient in that area of study. While there are many different certifications out there, some research is necessary to find what one providesthe best benefit for you. Certifications can even be provided as a "supplement" to the requirement of a diploma and on the job training.

I will be providing some information on certifications in IT Security, what each of them is and what each of them can provide for an IT security professional. This is not intended to include all of the possible IT security certifications or even whats rated the best; just some of what the industry is offering.


It's not always easy to have time to dedicate in reading all the latest articles on whats happening in the security world. Podcasts have given the ability to pull audio and video content right to your portable smartphone or device. I've listed in this section some of the Podcast resources that we believe contains up to date and relevant security related information.

IT Security in the News

Security continues to be a top concern for companies and it is important that security professionals stay current with the latest news and trends. In this section I will be providing links to news articles of interest regarding the security related events in the news.

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